The Frighteners (iTunes) is another movie that’s less scary and more ghastly. But, it’s from the brilliant mind of Peter Jackson, which makes it a treat in both the visual and script departments. I’ll be honest, the primary reason that I chose this movie is because I’ve been meaning to watch it for some time and I love supernatural comedies like this and Ghostbusters (iTunes). Of course, there are parts of this movie that were still creepy for the time, but really the comedy is what makes it worth watching again. The best part of the entire movie, though, is Milton Dammers, the mentally damaged FBI agent.

My only real complaint is that Michael J. Fox‘s character, Frank Bannister, makes some of the dumbest decisions I’ve ever seen in trying to figure out what’s going on and save the lives of various characters, only convincing others that he’s guilty of murder. But, it’s also these actions that make us truly invested in his character.

I highly recommend you see this movie if you haven’t before. And if you have, then I recommend you watch it again. It’s great fun and is an excellent way to get into the Halloween spirit. Besides, it’s got a hundred-plus-year-old ghost humping a mummy. How do you beat that?

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