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Comic Talk, episode 2: Fire and Ice

So the second episode of Comic Talk is now online. You can get it here, or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes. It’s over twice as long as the last time, and so I apologize for that. We’re still working on the format, but we’re definitely going to try to keep the length down in the future.


Comic Talk, a podcast about comics for neophytes

So my cousin Alex recently got into comics for practically the first time in his life. He had a few issues back when he was still a level 1 Padawan, but it wasn’t until he leveled up and multiclassed (as Worker Bee, sadly) that he was able to find/make time to read more and actually have the means to do so for a reasonable price and time investment. Thanks to the advent of Marvel Unlimited, a comic book equivalent to Netflix, he has been catching up on a lot of Marvel’s history, which got him excited to discuss it with me, as I’ve spent a little more time with our four-color (nerd for “comic books”) friends.

So, naturally, we decided to record ourselves and throw together a podcast. Interestingly enough, despite the ease with which we had access to Marvel comics and the fact that we both know and love Marvel’s characters more than DC’s, we decided to start by reading some DC comics. Maybe it’s the great unknown, or maybe it’s because The Death of Superman was one of those moments in my own history that kept me interested in comics over the years, but that’s what we decided upon.

Anyway, the first episode, in which we introduce ourselves and discuss our plans for the podcast, is online already and the second (wherein we discuss The Death of Superman) will be online Soon™. If you want to follow along with what we’re reading, I highly recommend checking out the website and subscribing to the podcast. We post which issues we’re reading so that you can listen in and follow along. We’re also on Twitter and App.net if you just want to jump into the discussion with us.