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Ringtones for the iPhone, compatible with most new phones.

Anime Ringtones

Ark – Yoko Kanno, Brain Powerd – iPhoneMP3

Departure 1 – Yoko Kanno, Brain Powerd – iPhoneMP3

Departure 2 – Yoko Kanno, Brain Powerd – iPhoneMP3

Don’t bother none – Yoko Kanno, Cowboy Bebop – iPhoneMP3

ELM – Yoko Kanno, Cowboy Bebop – iPhoneMP3

Escaflowne Chant – Yoko Kanno, Vision of Escaflowne – iPhoneMP3

Green Bird – Yoko Kanno, Cowboy Bebop – iPhoneMP3

Space Lion – Yoko Kanno, Cowboy Bebop – iPhoneMP3

Tank! 1 – Yoko Kanno, Cowboy Bebop – iPhoneMP3

Tank! 2 – Yoko Kanno, Cowboy Bebop – iPhoneMP3

Too Good Too Bad – Yoko Kanno, Cowboy Bebop – iPhoneMP3

Retroforce GO! ringtones, Updated 4/6/09

These ringtones are from and inspired by Retroforce GO!, a retro-gaming podcast hosted at Destructoid.com.

Colette’s Lounge Act – iPhoneMP3NEW!!!

Colette’s Retro-mazing News – iPhoneMP3NEW!!!

Hexadecimal Genome 1 – iPhone

Hexadecimal Genome 2 – iPhone

Hexadecimal Genome 3 – iPhone

Hexadecimal Genome 4 – iPhone

New Gamer Dictionary Intro – iPhone

RetroforceGO! Intro – iPhone

Rocket (RetroforceGO Remix) – iPhone

Virtual Console Reviews – iPhoneMP3

TV Show ringtones, Updated 3/1/09

These ringtones are all from various TV shows (which, I think, would be apparent from the subject above and the list below). Enjoy!

Red Dwarf Theme – iPhone - NEW!!!

True Blood Theme – iPhone - NEW!!!

Battlestar Galactica Classic – iPhone

Battlestar Galactica Intro – iPhone

Battlestar Galactica Title – iPhone

Crusoe Theme – iPhone

Angel Theme – iPhone

Buffy Theme – iPhone

Do the Mario – iPhone

Firefly Theme – iPhone

Friends Theme – iPhone

Heroes Theme – iPhone

The IT Crowd – iPhone

Jack of All Trades – iPhone

Jetson’s Doorbell – iPhone

Lost Credits – iPhone

Lost Intro – iPhone

Lost Signature Tune – iPhone

Power Rangers – iPhone

Power Rangers Zeo – iPhone

Stargate SG-1 – iPhone

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – iPhone

Star Trek Theme 1 – iPhone

Star Trek Theme 2 – iPhone

Super Mario Bros. Cartoon – iPhone

Video game ringtones, Updated 1/29/09

A variety of ringtones from various video games. I will likely add more to this list than to any of the others, so if there’s one you don’t see and want, let me know.

Aerith’s Theme – Final Fantasy VII – iPhoneNEW!!!

Eyes On Me – Final Fantasy VIII – iPhoneNEW!!!

Myth 2: A Murder of Crows – iPhone - NEW!!!

Myth 2: Title – iPhoneNEW!!!

Blaster Master Attract Screen – iPhone

Blaster Master Level 1 – iPhone

Bungie Logo – iPhone

Chrono Trigger – iPhone

Dragon Quest City – iPhone

Dragon Quest Fight – iPhone

Dragon Quest Title – iPhone

Dragon Quest Trumpets – iPhone

Final Fantasy Prelude – iPhone

Halo (Chant) – iPhone

Halo (Intro) – iPhone

Halo Theme – iPhone

Mega Man 2 Level Start – iPhone

Mega Man 3 Title 1 – iPhone

Mega Man 3 Title 2 – iPhone

Mega Man 9 – iPhone

Murloc Gurgle – iPhone

Ocarina of Time – iPhone

Prelude of Light – iPhone

Proto Man Whistle – iPhone

Punch Out Fight – iPhone

Punch Out Training – iPhone

Punch Out Training (8-bit) – iPhone

Tetris A – iPhone

Tetris B – iPhone

Wii Shop Title – iPhone

Wii Sports – iPhone

World of Warcraft: Legends – iPhone

Zelda 1: Death Screen – iPhone

Zelda 1: Item Catch – iPhone

Zelda 1: Overworld – iPhone

Zelda 1: Title – iPhone

Zelda 1: Triforce Get – iPhone

Zelda 2: Dungeon – iPhone

Zelda 2: Item Catch – iPhone

Zelda 2: Title 1 – iPhone

Zelda 2: Title 2 – iPhone

Zelda 2: Overworld – iPhone

Zelda 64: Item Catch – iPhone

Zelda 64: Small Item Catch – iPhone

Music ringtones, Updated 1/27/09

Here are a number songs turned into ringtones. I had quite a bit of help getting these created, so if you really like one of them, leave a message in the comments and I’ll be sure to let the creator know.

The Breakup Song – American Hi-Fi – iPhoneNEW!!!

Last Day – Blessid Union of Souls – iPhoneNEW!!!

My Friends Over You – New Found Glory – iPhoneNEW!!!

Battle of Who Could Care Less – Ben Folds Five* – iPhone

Beating Heart Baby – Head Automatica – iPhone

Black Winter Night 1 – Dragonforce – iPhone

Black Winter Night 2 - Dragonforce – iPhone

The Captain – Guster* – iPhone

Enigmatic Mission – Pagan’s Mind† – iPhone

Final Countdown – Europe – iPhone

Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hit His Head) – Ben Folds* – iPhone

Hum Along – Ludo – iPhone

The Last Polka – Ben Folds Five* – iPhone

Love Me Dead – Ludo* – iPhone

Ludo Whistle 1 – Ludo – iPhone

Ludo Whistle 2 – Ludo – iPhone

Peter Gunn Theme – Emerson, Lake, & Palmer – iPhone

The Power of Love – Huey Lewis and The News* – iPhone

Such Great Heights – The Postal Service* – iPhone

* = Created by jPar
† = Created by Adam Cash

"Mr. Destructoid" and "Pew Pew Pew" ringtones

Over at Destructoid, the user Craineum created an incredible Mega Man costume (click here for adorable video) for his son for Halloween. It was so awesome that he managed to get an article in Popular Mechanics. He was recently a guest on Retroforce GO! and his son said two of the most adorable things I have ever heard in my entire life. As a tribute to his awesomeness and his son’s adorableness, I’ve created two ringtones for those that can’t live without a little cute in their lives.

Mr. Destructoid – iPhone

Pew Pew Pew – iPhone

For more info on this amazing costume, please visit Craineum’s Destructoid blog for more awesomeness.

Movie ringtones

Here are the movie ringtones I have made so far. Those that are on there more than once are different cuts from the same song or movie. If there is a movie you would like to have a ringtone from, let me know. If I can make one that I’m happy with, I’ll post it right up.

Bedtime Stories – Scream-tone – iPhone

Back to the Future Theme 1 – iPhone

Back to the Future Theme 2 – iPhone

Brunnen-G Theme – iPhone

Good, Bad, & Ugly 1 – iPhone

Good, Bad, & Ugly 2 – iPhone

Good, Bad, & Ugly 3 – iPhone

Good, Bad, & Ugly 4 – iPhone

Gremlins – iPhone

Fox Fanfare – iPhone

Imperial March – iPhone

Indiana Jones – iPhone

Superman 1 – iPhone

Superman 2 – iPhone

Star Wars Throne Room – iPhone

Dr. Horrible Ringtones

Here is a set of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog ringtones that I created for the iPhone.

This is the first set of many sets of ringtones I will be publishing soon. I have 8 sets, and I will publish them over the next day or so. Check back later today for another batch.

Bad Horse ChorusiPhone

Dr. Horrible Laugh – iPhone

Dr. Horrible ThemeiPhone

By the way, if you haven’t seen Dr. Horrible yet, check it out on Hulu and if you like it, buy it on iTunes. It’s spectacular.