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RetroforceGO! Podcast Archive

RetroforceGO! was a podcast from Destructoid that talked about classic video games. It ran for several years and to date remains my favorite podcast of all time. Unfortunately, the Destructoid website didn’t exactly do a very complete job of keeping the episodes online and available. Fortunately, I saved every episode on my computer long after I had listened to them.

I’m not the first person to put up an archive of the show, but I did put the entire contents online a couple years ago so that I could publish a link to them on here for others to download, in case they were looking for a specific episode or just wanted to listen to the podcast again or for the first time. I had always meant to set them up with an RSS feed for those that wanted to “re-subscribe” to it and get it into their preferred podcast player, but I never got around to it. So anyway, here they are in all their downloadable glory. When I have free time, I’ll try to come back in here and link to each individual episode, but for now I’m just going to present you with a link to the folder where they’re contained. If you want a more detailed download option, then I suggest you check out Wasted Seconds’ own archive of the podcast. They’ve also got links to a torrent to grab all of them at once.

RetroforceGO! podcast archive

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