I was a huge fan of Infinity Blade and when Infinity Blade II arrived, it brought a number of amazing enhancements to the game that greatly improved on the formula. I really loved the enhanced story, especially after having read the Infinity Blade: Awakening ebook which bridged the two games.

I was even more excited for the teased ClashMob feature. When it finally arrived last week, a lot of people complained about the fact that Facebook was required to play (rather than, say, Game Center). However, it made sense to me for a number of reasons:

  • Facebook was already a part of the first Infinity Blade, which allowed others to view your character on Facebook
  • Requiring users to sign up for accounts specific to Epic Games or Chair Entertainment would have been cumbersome and required additional infrastructure
  • Most Facebook users also have a significantly larger pool of friends than Game Center, Open Feint, Plus+, etc.
  • Game Center likely has missing functionality in its API that ClashMob required

My only concern about using Facebook for ClashMob is the restrictions Facebook has on child accounts. Children under 13 that quite enjoy the Infinity Blade series can’t participate unless they lie about their age to create an account. Further, privacy is always a concern with a company that exists solely to mine data for ad sales. Privacy concerns and age restrictions aside, Facebook is a very robust platform for this specific feature. It didn’t take long for my Facebook friends to start appearing in my ClashMob. Those that are truly concerned could easily create a false profile specifically as a gaming network and use it to find people to play with while keeping their personal information off the service altogether.

All in all, I’m quite happy to have the ClashMob arrive and can’t wait to see what other features are coming in the future.

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