Psycho (iTunes) is an iconic film and is my second Hitchcock film for Scary Movie Month. Psycho is often considered to be where “slasher” films began, due to a number of filming techniques and the way the plot is structured. Most slasher films, which became very popular in the late 70s and throughout the 80s, continue to use the same techniques, themes, and plot-twists while presenting the viewer with a “mystery” that the characters (and sometimes even the audience) are trying to solve.

While The Birds is a better movie, and North by Northwest is my favorite, Psycho is still a remarkable movie and any fan of cinema should check it out for the performances alone. Anthony Perkins is phenomenal as Norman Bates, and the way the plot unfolds, twists, and turns before the end makes it worth watching to everyone.

Also, if you’re just “tuning in” to Scary Movie Month, be sure to check out the calendar to see what’s coming up. Also, be sure and check out the new episode of Dead-Wait, the zombie web-series filmed and produced in Kansas City, which is available today.

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