I think I’m in love with Tippi Hedren. Not really, in love, since I’m married and love my wife dearly. And of course, she’s 50 years my senior. But still, she is fascinating to watch. Alfred Hitchcock was a genius in recognizing her talent and casting her. Thank goodness that he did, as her success was likely a huge encouragement for her daughter, Melanie Griffith, to pursue acting.

I had seen the climax of The Birds (iTunes) when I was younger, but never had the opportunity to watch the whole thing. I can honestly say, that had I seen this movie as a child, I would have felt very differently about birds the rest of my life. As it stands, I’m still disconcerted when I see large numbers of birds congregating.

There are a number of moments in this movie where it feels a bit like an apocalypse movie. But, instead of zombies or an expansive, radioactive wasteland, birds are the unstoppable force standing between our heroes and hope. Hitchcock did an excellent job of making the entire city of Bodega Bay feel as though it is under attack from angry avian assailants. The ending is a little ambiguous, though. Several alternate endings were considered, some of which were even darker than this one. However, there is a sense of either hope or hopelessness at the end, depending on the viewer, which is a nice touch.

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