I stumbled across an application in the App Store yesterday called FileAid. I have been using Air Sharing for the past several months and it’s not bad. But, it’s a $5 app. It was free when I picked it up, but when I tell my friends about it, they’re not always interested in paying money for the app.

But FileAid is free until March 17. It does have some features that I hope to see adjusted in the future. For example, setting the password for wireless access is shown in clear text so prying eyes can see it, and it requires an FTP client for Wi-Fi access and another app for USB access. However, this brings up the point that this app does have USB access, something that Air Sharing and others do not have.

In the event that you miss out on FileAid‘s free offer, then be sure to check out Air Sharing as an alternative choice.

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