I’ve got a variety of things to share with you today, so try to keep up. No, seriously, I intend to move along quickly.

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This past summer, the gang at Penny Arcade and PvP got a chance to play the 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons before it went to print. Being the incredibly intelligent guys that they are, they recorded the entire session and broke it up into chunks for the official D&D podcast. I bring this up because they just recorded another session, only this time they added an additional member to their party: Wil Wheaton.

Yes that Wil Wheaton.

Anyway, I’ve gathered the links here for your perusal. Check them out:

Series 1: Episode 1 / Episode 2 / Episode 3 / Episode 4 / Episode 5 / Episode 6 / Episode 7 / Episode 8

Series 2: Episode 1 / Episode 2 / Episode 3 / Episode 4 / Episode 5 / Episode 6

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This is one of the more entertaining music videos I’ve ever seen. It’s called Hardrock Hallelujah by Lordi. If you enjoy metal, you’ll probably have a good time with this.

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Jonathan Coulton released his greatest hits for free in very high-quality MP3s. He even went one step further and released each audio track, as well. So anyone dying to remix a JoCo song, start here.

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Finally, if you use Mac OS X Leopard and are interested in some new stationery themes for Mail, then I suggest NovCon.net’s stationery archives. While not as extensive as some stationery packs, they are free and some of them are pretty nice.