The finale for Season 3 and the premiere for Season 4 are significantly more emotionally impactive when watched back-to-back. For those that haven’t seen this yet, you’ll know why when you get there.

By the time I reached the end of Season 4, I had completely forgotten about the significance of each of the 4 members of the team that land on The Island. Watching it again makes me wonder what could have been had there not been a Writer’s Guild Strike to shorten the season. Particularly Daniel appears to have suffered some sort of trauma that has only been remotely touched upon that resulted in memory issues. As it stands, still an excellent season, but some details may have been glossed over due to time. Or, perhaps, they’re just moved to Season 5. We’ll find out on January 21st.

Ben has significant influence outside of The Island. Either that, or he has a reputation that creates fear. When he goes to the hotel in Tunisia, the desk clerk appears to be startled once she looks up his name in her book. Clearly he is a man of importance outside of the former Dharma Initiative and The Others.

When Sun goes to talk to Charles Widmore in the season finale, she mentions that they have common interests. At first, I thought she only meant finding The Island again, however I think there may be more to it than that. Desmond and Penny are finally reunited, but to prevent people from finding the island. Sun indicates to Widmore that he knows the Oceanic Six weren’t the only people to get off The Island. Perhaps he knows that Desmond is back but has been unable to find him.

“Jeremy Bentham” will have to be resurrected by The Island (either as an avatar, or actually resurrected) in order to play a significant role in the new season, else he’ll only be visible in flashbacks. Hopefully the first flashback will deal with him coming to visit Jack, Kate, Hurley, and the other survivors.

Tune in on January 21st to find out!

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