The grass rustles beneath my feet.
Swish. Swish.
As I tread firmly on, stopping for no one.
Seeking justice. Seeking redemption.
Life flows from my side, mixing with the dust in the air.
Dripping into the dirt, making small droplets of mud.
Staining the tall grass as I pass through it.
Swish. Swish.
I must not stop. Not even for this.
Redemption is near.
I can see his shadow before me.
I can see the stained grass that he has left.
I can see his droplets of mud.
Swish. Swish.
I am gaining. Justice is nearer.
He stops and waits.
For me.
Turning, he lets life flow.
Swish. Swish.
I stand before him, treading no more.
We both know the end is here.
Not near. Here.
No one will walk away, but honor must be restored.
Justice must be done.
He grins.
I lunge.
Sun glints off steel
Justice must be served.
No. Not justice.

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