From time to time over the next couple days, I will be posting poems as blog posts. Do not be alarmed by this, as I will not be switching to a poetry centered site. However, I wrote these poems some time ago, and just want to get them online so that they are safe. I’ll try to keep the crappier ones at bay, though I may not be the best judge of that (I tend to think they all pretty much suck except for a few).

I’ve almost cleared out my list of posts to republish from CGS and will begin writing new ones soon. I think Secret of Mana will probably get a write up, as will Mega Man 9.

In other news, Vote Smarter is a web site with some rather funny videos similar to Mac vs PC ads but concerning the Presidential candidates. It appears to be Obama-centric, so if you’re for McCain you may not like them as much. Of course, if you’re for McCain, you probably won’t like a lot of what is and will be on this blog throughout its life cycle. Sorry for that.

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