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In which Wil Wheaton (@wilw) blocks me on Twitter for no readily apparent reason

About a year-and-a-half ago, the guys over at Penny Arcade made available the speech from their keynote speaker at PAX ’07. While I’ve never been fortunate enough to go to PAX, I’ve often wanted to do so. Normally, however, I’m not that interested in the keynote speakers, and I felt that my opinion would not change when I saw who the speaker was: Wil Wheaton.

But, needing something to listen to while working, I gave it a shot. And believe me, it was a great decision. While I still remembered Wil as that scrawny actor that played Wesley Crusher, one of the more controversial characters in the entire Star Trek franchise, Wil had grown into one of the more prominent bloggers on the Interwebs.

I remembered hearing something about his blog either when I was in college or shortly after graduating and blogging was still a new concept. At the time, I dismissed it because I thought blogs were lame (look at me now, ma!) and because I didn’t expect him to have anything interesting to say.

But, now I am willing to admit that I was wrong. After listening to his PAX keynote, I started reading his blog—much of which has been co-opted for the books he has written—and listening to his podcast. When several of my friends convinced me to try out this whole “Twitter thing“, @wilw was one of my first feeds to follow. I even replied a few times and got a response back when I asked him to spread the word about the free copies of CodeWeavers software back in October.

Shortly after, I began to notice that Mr. Wheaton’s feed was no longer showing up in my Twitter feed. At first, I thought he hadn’t been updating, but then I went to check out the feed and saw that I’d missed a lot of Tweets. Now, this in and of itself isn’t a big deal. The man tweets a lot and I don’t have time to check Twitter so often that I catch everything from everyone anyway. But I figured there must be an issue with my Twitter account.

Now, you may be wondering to yourself, “What kind of stalker needs to know what’s going in someone’s life all the time?” To which I would respond, “This kind, dammit! Err… I mean, I’m not a stalker.”

In all seriousness, I’m a big fan of Mr. Wheaton’s writing and subscribe to his blog via RSS. However, I tend to check Twitter more often than RSS and can find new posts faster via Twitter. Plus, he’s pretty funny sometimes and that comedy plays out in Twitter quite a bit.

So, after some investigation I discovered that I was no longer following Mr. Wheaton anymore. This confused me, but I didn’t fret because it was easy to remedy.

I clicked the Follow button.

Safari did its thing and just before the following began, I received a message from the Twitter site saying that an error occurred and I could not follow at that time. WTF?

So I shrugged it off. I waited a couple of hours for Twitter to fix itself and I tried again. And later again. And each time I got the same error. I waited a couple of days this time. Again, no dice. Finally, I tried it on my iPhone, which loaded up the mobile version of the site. This is when the unthinkable happened.

The error message I was given from Twitter mobile said that I had been blocked at the request of the user. I. HAD. BEEN. BLOCKED.


I thought it had to still be a glitch. I contacted Twitter support whom confirmed the error message. I had been blocked. I verified the issue further by logging in with my cat’s Twitter account @omgcat.

At this point, I didn’t know what else to do. I slept on it for a couple of days, but when the withdrawal proved to be too great, I tried the unthinkable. I e-mailed Mr. Wheaton directly. Unfortunately, I received no response and decided to just let it go. And I did. For two months. Until today.

Because today, I formally declare war on Wil Wheaton.

But, y’know, satirically.

Song of the Sorcelator: Return of the Witchaloks II

The guys over at Penny Arcade have out done themselves this time. Start with this comic and move forward through the six-part story, arguably the most entertaining piece of satire I’ve seen from them this year (yes, all 28 days of it).

If you’re a fan of the comedy stylings of Gabe and Tycho, particularly on the subject of L.H. Franzibald’s “The Song of the Sorcelator”, I recommend checking out Penny Arcade via the link above regularly. If you’d like some backstory into the creation of this world within a world, I direct you here, here, over here, right here, and somewhere back here.

My cat's an evil genius

Okay, maybe not a genius. But certainly smarter than I’d like.

My son has a small rubber ring with a light inside of it. If you press on the “jewel”, it lights up. Press it again and it turns off. It’s one of the cooler toys you can get in those vending machines outside of just about every department and grocery store on the planet.

My cat seems to think it’s hers.

I found her playing with it on the ground the other day. I took it away and put it on the counter. Now the counter isn’t a place the cat won’t go, but she knows she’s not supposed to be up there and if she’s up there and I even shift in my seat, she jumps down. I figured it was as good a place as any for the time being.

The next morning, it was on the ground again.

So I put it back on the counter. I figured maybe she got it down or maybe someone knocked it off. Later that afternoon, when I had been home all day, it was again on the floor. So, I took it to Avery’s room and put it on one of his shelves where the cat couldn’t reach it. Problem solved.

The next day, I found a stress ball on the ground. This particular stress ball sits on my desk. It sits on my desk in a flower pot. The flower pot doubles as a pen holder. The stress ball sits in the flower pot, surrounded by pens, atop my desk with a number of objects strewn about it that would make it difficult for a leprechaun to get by without knocking something over.

Sighing in exasperation, I put the stress ball back in the flower pot.

When I got home from work, it was on the floor again. And again, nothing else on my desk was disturbed. I placed it back in the flower pot after removing all of the pens and putting them back in one at a time to encircle it. I then put a few other odds and ends on top of it. So far, this has resolved the issue.

This morning I found a small piece of cardboard that was (until this morning) wrapped around two small board game replacement pieces encased in bubble wrap. The cardboard was empty. The bubble wrap was missing. And at the time of writing, I’ve only found one of the two game pieces.

My cat is going to find herself living outside very, very soon.

Snowflake Scarves open for business!

I missed the grand opening, but the site is ready for orders. There’s still plenty of cold weather to enjoy the scarves and while the holidays are behind us, it’s never too late to donate to charity and get something from it.

For more information on what Snowflake Scarves is all about, check out the site!

jPar's worst Twitter experience

I logged in to Twitter the other day to be assaulted by this assorted nonsense from my good friend jPar. Thankfully, it was not a sign of the impending apocalypse (close, but in a true portent of doom he would have been informed that he can invite friends via Hotmail, rather than Gmail; close call, but saved by a small detail).

∞ ∞ ∞

I’m updating from a PC… And feel like I need to wash my hands. Oh this is soooo gross. about 16 hours ago from web

Oh god, something just crawled out from under the PeeCee keyboard! It looks like a paperclip! IT’S ASKING IF I NEED HELP TWITTERING! about 16 hours ago from web

“It looks like you’re trying to Microblog via Twitter. You have 51 characters remaining.” MAKE IT STOP! about 16 hours ago from web

“Remember to tell folks what you’re doing & where you are.” MY EARS ARE BLEEDING! SOMEONE KILL THIS PAPERCLIP! His faux-folksieness MADDENS! about 16 hours ago from web

“Twitter is like Facebook, only without the applications. Would you like me to show you how to set your location?” THE PAPERCLIP HAS A GUN! about 16 hours ago from web

“Conserve space by using an ampersand instead of the word ‘and.'” HE’S POINTING THE GUN AT ME! SOMEONE GIVE ME A NEWSPAPER!! about 16 hours ago from web

“You can add friends via GMail or other popular online eMail clients.” HE’S SHOOTING AT ME! WHY, PAPERCLIP! YOU GODLESS MONSTER! WHY?!?!? about 16 hours ago from web

Crisis averted. I found a batch of papers and used him to fasten them together into a loose collective. Fucking Microsoft Paperclip. about 16 hours ago from web

Thank God Apple just has rockstars living in their software. STING: “It looks like you’re trying to play a sustained D harmonic…” about 16 hours ago from web

Welcome to "The Future" (2009)

Happy New Year, everyone. I’m going to bed.

Dreamhost's CRAZY sale

Dreamhost is currently running a promotion to get hosting for one year at 77 cents a month.

Sign up here and use the promo code 777 during sign up and you’ll get a year’s worth of service for $9.24. Plus, this is their Unlimited Storage & Unlimited Bandwidth deal that I got earlier this year for the full price.
I highly recommend taking advantage of this today, as the deal ends 12/28/08.
Normally, I’d prefer to refer people myself for signup, but with a deal like this, you don’t need any discounts from my referral. If you have ever considered hosting your own site, this is the best deal you will ever find.

Best thing about being a father…

My favorite thing about being a father is picking up my son and carrying him to bed when he falls asleep watching a movie.

Proudest moment of fatherhood, yet

My wife and son were on the way to school this morning when something profound happened. They were listening to the radio and one of the DJ’s on the morning show was talking about a handicapped man that lives on his own. They said that he was unable to pay his heating bill, and the station was taking donations to cover the expenses.

It was at this moment that something remarkable occurred.

“I remember when we didn’t have heat and it was really cold,” my son spoke out from the back seat. He was referring to a time last winter when either the pilot light had blown out or the heat had been turned off and the house got extremely cold in the morning.

“Why doesn’t he just have his mommy come wrap him up in a blanket and bring him his breakfast?” he continued.

My wife smiled and gave him the obvious response. “He doesn’t have a mommy to take care of him. He lives all alone.”

My son thought about it for a minute and then he said, “I think we should take some of my presents back to the store so we can give him some money.”

My wife was at a loss for words. She just looked at him in the rearview mirror. Before she could recover he began again.

“I think we should also tell Santa to take my presents and give them to him so he has something to play with.”

At this time, my wife started to cry, as did I when she relayed the story to me over the phone later in the afternoon. With tears in her eyes, she dropped him off at school and drove to work. She couldn’t get over what it meant to Avery to be willing to give up his presents. This is a kid that loves Christmas and values his possessions immensely. And with no prodding whatsoever, he was ready to give them up for a man he’d never met and would never know.

I’ve never been so proud of my son in my entire life.

My wife sent the radio station an e-mail to tell them about Avery’s sacrifice. They informed her that the man’s bills had been paid, but that they may read the letter tomorrow on the air during the morning show. So if any of you listen to 106.5 The Wolf in Kansas City, tune in tomorrow morning. You can even listen live online.

UPDATE: To the best of my wife’s knowledge, they did not say anything on the show after 6:45 (which is when I was able to crawl out of bed and start recording). If they said something before then, I don’t care, because no sane person is up that early.

Avery sings "Topeka" by Ludo… sort of

Avery has been singing “Topeka” by Ludo for the last couple weeks since seeing them live at the Apple Store. Today, he decided to sing the song while his friend Levii “played” the guitar.

The lyrics are completely wrong, except for the opening line, but he’s convinced himself that’s how they go. I’m putting the song on his iPod to help him learn the correct words, but for now you can listen to this.

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