†Stuff may or may not actually be cool, but since cool is subjective, I’ll let you decide.

Years ago, I found a couple websites for buying unique iPhone cases with art from artists all over the Internet. Love Ninja Turtles but hate that you can’t find a good iPhone case with them on it? Don’t worry, it’s out there.

For the last several years, I’ve used Society6 and Redbubble to also sell some of my own photos that I find to be just the right level of kitschy. Recently, a friend of mine mentioned her store which made me realize I hadn’t added anything new in a few years. So, I dusted off my photo library and got to work adding some of my favorite shots to it.

So now, if you have always wanted a duvet cover with the Kansas City skyline on it, I’ve got you covered. Wish you had a bath mat featuring a blurry photo of some trees in the mist? Here you go. Love computers so much you’ve always wanted a coaster set with close up photos of a circuit board on it? Neither have I, but I made some for you anyway!

Okay, but enough of the ridiculous stuff. You can buy almost anything for your home on this site and find tons of great photographs and artworks on them. Maybe your walls are looking exceptionally bare now that you’re trapped in your home with nowhere to go. What better way to liven it up than to put art on your walls that reminds you of all the places you love and can never go visit again?!

If this sounds exciting to you, check out my portfolios at Society6 and Redbubble to see what they’ve got.

And if you just want to see some of my favorite photos, you can check those out here. If you see something you’d love to buy on a mug or a shower curtain (because why not?), let me know and I’ll be happy to throw it up there, just for you.