LotR Trilogy-wide

UPDATE (10:40 am): Deal prices for several of the bundles have changed. The original article will remain below, but updated prices are listed here. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is now $18 (still a great deal) and the Harry Potter anthology is now $60. There are still a few $10 bundles remaining, so be sure to check out all of the deals here.

Apple is currently selling specially-priced bundles of movies on iTunes. At the moment, you can actually buy entire sets of movies in HD for cheaper than the price of buying one of the movies by itself. This deal is not likely to last long, so if any of these anthologies look good to you, you should snatch them up immediately.

The most notable of selections are the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the complete Harry Potter anthology for only $10 each. You can also snag all 10 of the pre-reboot Star Trek films for $50, which is an absolute steal. There’s a pretty decent selection, with something for everyone. There are some great franchises here for a good deal, so if you like movies and saving money, then you should check out the complete list here.

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