George R. R. Martin wrote a blog post revealing the differences between how he pictured The Iron Throne from the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series and the way it was depicted in “Game of Thrones” (also known as “Die Brotherf***ker, Die!”). Let me tell you, it’s frakking rad.

Marc Simonetti - Iron Throne
(Click on the photo above to visit the artist’s ASoIaF page)

This picture shows a throne forged from 1,000 swords, rather than a mere 200, as in the show. If you’ve read the books, the pictures on the artist’s page are pretty awesome. If you haven’t, then you’ll probably only care about the throne (and may have spoilers if you look at some of the photos).

I sincerely hope there’s more of this stuff out there. The worst thing about great fantasy novels being turned into movies (Lord of the Rings) and TV shows (Game of Thrones) is how hard it is to find great art inspired by the books. Most of the time, all you can find are Photoshopped stills from the move or show.

Please, if you have any links to great fantasy artwork inspired by novels like these, please point the way. Especially if they’re large enough to function as wallpapers for computers or iPads. Resolutions of 2048×2048 are tough to find in this genre.

Thanks to Mashable for the heads up.

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