Three things:

One, The Bard’s Tale for iOS is free for a limited time. It’s a birds-eye view dungeon crawler similar in style to the Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, X-Men Legends, Champions of Norrath, and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. While the original The Bard’s Tale series was a western-RPG in the vein of Might & Magic and Eye of the Beholder, the 2004 release for consoles and PC had nothing in common with its namesake due to licensing rights. However, the iOS version was released as a sort of “collector’s edition” and comes with the ability to download the original Interplay classics for free inside the app. Plus, it includes 60beat support if you feel like you simply must play this game with a controller.

Two, Square-Enix released Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for iOS late last night. It’s a rhythm game that was originally released for the Nintendo DS. However, it seems that Squeenix’s recent-ish release of Symphonica, another rhythm game with a rather verbose story and beautiful hand-drawn anime artwork. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a free download, but that will only get you two songs and a handful of characters with which to play the game. In order to unlock more content, you’ll have to pay for it. Unsurprisingly, unlocking all of the content that the game has to offer will set you back $88.11 plus taxes. But, if you just can’t live without your Final Fantasy fix, or you’ve got $100 burning a hole in your pocket, check it out.

Lastly, Google Maps for iOS is now available, if you’re the type of person that cares. Personally, I’ve never had any issues with Apple’s Maps that were more serious than the issues I had with Google’s, so I won’t be using it. Especially because I had forgotten how ugly Google’s map tiles were. However, if you need transit directions on your iPhone, Google’s app is the way to go.

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