There is no shortage of racing games for iOS. This isn’t really surprising, considering how well accelerometer and gyroscopic controls can be tuned to make racing games more fun (unless the controls are really, really bad). When the App Store was first revealed, there were no kart racers available. Soon, though, Pangea Software ported Cro-Mag Rally from the Mac to the iPhone and iPod touch. But Cro-Mag Rally was never quite as fun to play as Mario Kart due to wonky physics and a brutally difficult A.I.

Just a couple years ago, SEGA announced the availability of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing for nearly every platform on the planet. It was hard to justify purchasing it, though, when Mario Kart Wii was still fun to play for the whole family. When SEGA brought the title to iOS, however, I had to pick it up. Since then, my family has had quite a bit of mobile kart-racing fun thanks to its beautiful graphics and instantly familiar gameplay.

As the title says above, today (and for a limited time) SEGA made this excellent title available for free. It’s a Universal app that works on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad quite well. I definitely recommend picking it up while this great deal lasts!

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