A little over a week ago, I picked up a new iPad. I have had the original for about a year, but have spent little time with it myself, as it was a family device and my children had laid claim to the majority of it’s faculties. While I was still able to check out a few apps here and there, I knew that I would never truly see the wonders of the device until I had one of my own.

I’ve spent the last week eking out as much enjoyment from the device as I could muster between work and family time. I’ve found that, despite the larger screen, I use the device less for gaming (as I thought I would spend the majority of my time with it) and more for creation and consumption.

Since I’m currently in the middle of reading actual, physical books, I haven’t spent any time with ebooks except as an exercise in demonstrating the incredible screen. Instead, I’ve spent a lot more time reading comics than is probably healthy for someone wishing to remain gainfully employed. I’ve watched a few YouTube videos, as well, but since the majority of videos available to view on my iPad are not HD (as I can more easily consume Netflix via computer or TV), I don’t really watch a whole lot of video.

Recently, I decided to spend a bit more time with the creation aspect of the new device. I’m a huge fan of the Paper app by FiftyThree. I used it a couple times on the original iPad to make some rough sketches, but I really got into it today, trying to make something I could show off. It may not be much, but here are a couple sketches I made in the past week (the first was with my fingers, the second with a very basic stylus from Targus):



And speaking (briefly and not most recently) of comics, in celebration of Free Comic Book Day (and also, Revenge of the Fifth), I spent most of the day downloading every free digital comic book I could find to celebrate. I also took my boys into town and pulled a great collection of comics for FCBD, though the two best comics (The Avengers and Star Wars/Serenity) were already gone from shelves. I wish they had all been available digitally, as well, as I would love to keep my physical books in pristine condition. Ah, well. Such is life.

Hope you all have a great Geekend (thanks to Star Wars Day–“May the 4th Be With You”–, Revenge of the Fifth, and The Avengers premiere on top of FCBD). Enjoy!

P.S. Happy birthday to my little brother who has fled the country for Germany this week. Probably for fun and not to escape the authorities, but you can never tell with him.

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