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Donate to L5, Or: How I Learned to Stop Complaining and Crowdfund Science Fiction

Yesterday, I posted an entry about L5, a completely crowd-funded sci-fi series pilot. I received an excellent comment from another fan that brought me some excellent information. It seems that L5’s first episode has already reached over a million downloads! That’s pretty impressive. Unfortunately, it seems that there have only been a little over $7,500 donated to the project since the first episode was released. Imagine, if only a fifth of those that downloaded the episode donated $5, they’d be able to fund 5 seasons of the series at the same budget per episode. Or double the budget per episode and give us two solid seasons of the show.

So, I’m including a link here to the donation page for L5 so that you can choose to give your next caramel macchiato to a worthy cause. And when you do, let me know and I’ll invite you to the first season watch party. Hopefully that happens in 2012 and not 2889.

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  1. Chad Burns

    Feel free to post this to the L5 Fan page…http://www.facebook.com/groups/L5Fans/

  2. Simon Spencer

    Of course, you do know that customs and excise always charge customers in the EU twice for ANY hardware/software from the USA; even DVDs and Blu-Rays, right?

    There’s a thought – you should ensure that those shipped to outside the USA are Region-Free discs.

  3. Zepfhyr

    That’s definitely something you should bring up to the series creators. Although, at this time, it would seem their preferred method of distribution is free and digital. If that continues to be the case, I doubt you’ll have anything to fear.
    I still highly recommend donating what you can in the meantime so that new episodes can be created at all. Once an entire season is completed, it’ll be time to worry about DVD releases and region-free encoding.

  4. Cameron Mulder

    L5 is one of the most impressive web productions i have ever seen.  It is better than most scifi on tv.  I HIGHLY encourage everyone to download it and please give a donation if you want to see more!

  5. Tom Gardiner

    Thank you for the kind mention!  L5 continues to rock the downloads, but the donations are still at a snail’s pace.  We just need to keep on sharing this great show with everyone we know, find, or just bump into and let them all know that a single dollar could make a real difference!

    People spend money every day on lottery tickets in which they have less chance of winning than their chances of dying through being hit by a meteor, yet they won’t spend a single dollar on a sure thing?  It boggles the mind.