“My mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me.”

Scream was one of my first exposures to the slasher genre. My parents didn’t let us watch true scary movies growing up, so aside from a brief 30-minute experience with Halloween II (iTunes) (where Michael Myers drowns the nurse in a boiling hot tub), Scream was it. Coincidentally, it also coincides with my first non-public make-out session. Don’t tell my wife.

The best parts of this movie are all the little details they’ve added for horror movie fans: the Freddy Krueger look-a-like janitor, the oft-repeated conversations and “Rules” about scary movies, and especially the trivia game in the opening scene. I also loved the way it told you the “Rules” for surviving a scary movie and then violated every single one of them. The best thing about Scream, of course, was the way it redefined the genre, adding a sense of humor that was often missing from horror movies at the time.

Also, I didn’t have time to watch The Faculty today, so I’m gonna have to move it to another day. Maybe the same day I watch Invasion of the Body Snatchers, as it’s essentially the same movie.

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