The king of all slasher movies, Halloween is responsible for nearly the entirety of the genre as we know it today. While Psycho may have been the first, John Carpenter’s seminal masterpiece is responsible for taking Hitchcock’s formula and refining it to blade’s edge, creating such iconic moments as seeing through the killer’s eyes as he stalk his prey, mysterious phone calls with no one on the line, and even a lone girl trapped in a house while a relentless killer attempts to butcher her.

Carpenter managed to make a name for himself with this film, leading to a future directing a number of horror and schlock action flicks (including my personal favorite, Big Trouble in Little China [iTunes]). I’ll be revisiting his work this weekend with The Thing (iTunes), and I can’t tell you how excited I am for that. This movie is also responsible for catapulting Jamie Lee Curtis to stardom, and we can’t thank Carpenter enough for that.

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