Child’s Play (iTunes) is one of those movies that is simultaneously scary and hilarious at the same time. The idea of a doll coming to life and murderizing people is terrifying. And yet, it’s also hilarious, because it’s a freaking doll! I mean, just hold the damned thing by its wrists and it can’t do anything. Anyway, this movie is totally worth watching for the great slow-motion shots of Chucky being shot and hurled across the room by the force of the bullets. Oh, and for the fact that Prince Humperdinck plays a cop (also, I bet you didn’t realize that he also played Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas).

The inimitable Brad Dourif makes an excellent Chucky, even though we only actually get his voice for the majority of the movie. Even today, the puppetry for this movie is still excellent, though I am looking forward to seeing the quality of the new Child’s Play that is scheduled for release in 2013 (again, with Dourif returning as the evil, little demon-doll). This is definitely one worth checking out for its fun-factor, even if the scares are a little weak.

Also, you may have noticed that this was not originally on the calendar for today, but due to a mix-up, I did not actually have The Amityville Horror (iTunes) at this time, so I swapped it with this movie. The calendar has since been updated.

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