While 28 Days Later may not be a zombie movie the likes of Dawn of the Dead or [REC] (iTunes), it’s still a fantastic commentary on humanity and what would happen to society if social mores went out the window. On top of that, it’s bloody terrifying. Jim’s transition from recovering hospital patient to unwitting survivor to rage-filled protector is phenomenal and has more than a few thrills for the viewer.

Danny Boyle is one of my favorite directors. I liked Trainspotting (iTunes), loved Slumdog Millionaire (iTunes) and Sunshine (iTunes), and even enjoyed The Beach (iTunes). So you can understand why this movie is in my top 5 list for “zombie” movies and top 10 for scary movies. But it’s not just the pedigree that makes it fantastic. The story draws excellent parallels between the RAGE-virus victims and an uninfected human filled with rage and taking the fight to his or her enemies. This is where the movie really shines.

I also love the music from this film. The “theme” during the climactic showdown at the end of the movie is a simply beautiful piece and I love to listen to it, even when I’m just chilling at home or work. And, unlike most horror stories, this one has a (somewhat) happy ending. Plus, it’s a significantly better movie than 28 Weeks Later (iTunes).

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