I never saw Quarantine (iTunes). It didn’t look interesting to me, though mostly because I’m done with the hand-held camera style of filmmaking. And yet, when I was busy looking for scary movies to watch this month, [REC] (iTunes) popped up a couple times. It was all in Spanish and required viewing with subtitles, but was well worth it. Of course, it was also quite predictable, but that didn’t stop it from being an enjoyable zombie movie.

Often-times, when watching a foreign horror film, I expect low-budget sets and less-than-stellar makeup/effects. However, that was not the case with this movie. Zombies make for an excellent low-budget or foreign horror film, though. One of the scariest scenes in the entire movie required very little in the way of budget, and that was the scene where the police officer, fireman, and cameraman come across the little girl in one of the apartments.

As I said, I’m over the hand-held camera style of filmmaking, but this one was actually worth the time and effort to watch.

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