So, here’s another Bodysnatchers story. The Faculty is actually one of my favorites, because it has a large number of young actors that are either recognizable or famous, a great soundtrack for those of you that graduated in the late 90s, and just the right amount of chills and thrills to get your heart pounding. Sure, it’s also got Josh Hartnett, but as a counter it’s got Elijah Wood and a number of other recognizables.

It’s got all of the critical components for a great survival/horror film: the nerdy kid that figures out the threat, the girl he’s in love with that bonds with him over their shared danger, the slacker genius that figures out how to save them all, the traitor in their midsts, the conspiracy theorist/horror movie junkie, and the popular/successful guy that wants to change his future. One of the best scenes in the movie is very reminiscent of The Thing, when they are testing the blood to see who is infected.

But, my favorite scene in the entire movie is the football game. It gives an awesome sense that something disturbing is going on, with some great moments of humor thrown in, as well. If you enjoy teen horror movies, you should definitely give the movie a watch. If you just want an excuse to relive your high school years, it’s another excellent choice.

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