This past weekend, we took the boys to the park and took lots of photos for Liam’s 1-year birthday. While most of the pictures were of Liam, Avery was in several, as well. I decided that while we were taking pictures, I could get some video with my new iPhone 4 to show you all how gorgeous the video is. I’ve embedded it below. It should work on your computer or your iPhone, though you’ll definitely want to be on fast WiFi, as the file is pretty large.

Liam’s 1-Year Photo Shoot in HD

I wasn’t able to edit it in iMovie for iPhone because I couldn’t figure out how to trim a clip without dragging the end point to the desired location. On a 1-2 minute clip, this wouldn’t be a problem, but one of my clips was 10 minutes long and was quite a hassle. If I can figure out how to do more with iMovie for iPhone or just shoot smaller clips next time, I will definitely post something edited entirely on my iPhone.

As for my new iPhone 4, I’ve actually got a story to tell about the experience of getting it. I just haven’t found the time to sit down and write it yet. Perhaps this weekend, I’ll sneak away for a bit to get it written. It’s already been a week, so it’s past time to share with you.

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