DropBox is this crazy-awesome service that lets you synchronize your files between several different computers. Even cooler, it also stores any files that you sync on the server even after you delete them from your computer (or move them out of the DropBox folder). This means that you can go back and pull it down when you realize you still need it. Plus, it saves revisions to your files, so if you share your folder with your friends so you can collaborate on a project, and one of those friends either sabotages you or just plain sucks at whatever you’re doing, you can revert to a previous version that they didn’t frak up.

I’ve been a fan of this service for a while, but today I want you to check them out just a little bit more than usual. You see, if you don’t already have an account with this incredible service, you can get some bonus space just by signing up through my referral link. I’ve used lots of services that give perks for referrals, but rarely do those perks extend to the referred. So check it out and see the future of file-syncing!

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