Amazon’s Kindle 2 has arrived. It looks great, and if you want a device for just eBook reading, you probably won’t find better in the current generation. It seems Amazon is serious about this market. And, it seems there may be a possibility that Amazon will make KindleBooks available to iPhone owners in the future.

While the Kindle itself sold less than Microsoft’s Zune by a 2-1 margin, that doesn’t seem to make it a failure in Amazon’s eyes. To be fair, eBook readers are still an emerging market. Either that, or there’s no market at all and no one has told Amazon, Sony, or a handful of other companies yet, either. Personally, I still love to read, and a dedicated eBook reader would go a long way toward making reading fiction something I do daily again.

However, since I still can’t justify spending this kind of money on a device just for reading eBooks and then pay the hardcover price for a DRM’ed digital copy, I’ll stick with Stanza on the iPhone for now. Or, if I’m looking for a good price on a large selection of classics with a gorgeous interface, I’ll go with Classics, instead. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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