The funeral that The Others hold speaks strongly of cult-like behavior. For example, the attendees are required to wear special, entirely white clothing. While not technically a cult (depending on whom you ask), the Mormon Church requires members that enter the temple to wear special clothing that is entirely white and contains 4 marks on it that are considered holy symbols. There are other religious sects that require similar dress codes for holy events.

Ben’s father is played by the same actor that played Lazlo Hollyfeld in Real Genius? Coincidence? I think not. In fact, I think that this is a clue to the origins of some of the characters on The Island. Ben is not, in fact, Benjamin Linus. He is Benjamin Hollyfeld and Lazlo is there posing as a janitor to undermine the research, but fails when Ben turns on him.

The above statement is absolute hogwash.

Ben can no longer hear what Jacob is saying and has begun putting on a show of knowing what he’s saying to retain his leadership role within the group. Either that, or he has chosen to ignore what Jacob has asked of him in the past and is no longer Jacob’s chosen emissary.

Early in the season, Desmond goes back in time and sees Charlie singing on the street. He remembers him, initially because of his time spent on The Island, but during that scene he also remembers that it rains on them (which it then does). When Charlie has a flashback to the exact same scene toward the end of the season, Desmond is not there. This indicates that when Desmond is sent back in time by the fail-safe that he is merely reliving the past events and is unable to actually change them. It would seem that he either entered into an alternate timeline, or his decision to leave Penny and enter the race around the world and get trapped on The Island “reset” the timeline to its original state, erasing the minor alterations he had made up to that point.

The Others, as an organization, do more than just work on The Island. Ben told his people that Bonnie and Greta were on assignment in Canada. While it’s possible that they were recruiting more people to their cause, it’s also possible that there are other avenues of study that Ben has not informed his people about. It’s possible that Ben has assumed control of more than one Dharma Initiative facility and is using its resources to further his goals on The Island.

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