The first 10-15 minutes of Lost are still some of the most intellectually compelling, visually stimulating, and cinematically breathtaking minutes I’ve ever seen in television.

Jack as a “healer”, not a doctor. J.J. used jump-zooms as Jack was banging on Charlie’s chest. Some could say this was for dramatic effect, but it’s never just that simple with J.J. I think it was his way of showing that something out of the ordinary was happening. That Jack’s force-of-will was so strong, so powerful, that Jack wanted Charlie to live so strongly, that Jack somehow made it happen.

Arzt is a duplicate of my friend Joe. Only Joe knows even more than Arzt and isn’t the most annoying person to ever be exploded on television.

The last 5-10 minutes of episode 21, “Exodus, Part 1”, when the survivors launch the raft are still some of the most heartwarming minutes I’ve ever seen in television.

The production and writing teams had planned a lot of stuff in Season 2 (the stuff I can currently remember) before or during production of Season 1. However, from what I can tell so far, very little of what is discovered in Season 3 is foreshadowed in Season 1. Perhaps, though, I’m just not remembering the latter details, yet.

One thing I did notice is that Boone tells Jack he’s letting him off the hook for his promise to save him before Jack’s then-future/now-ex-wife does. Which I thought was a nice touch, and indicates either excellent planning of Season 2 during production of Season 1, or just an opportunity seized upon by the writers to make themselves look awesome by reusing a piece of dialogue. But, Jack’s reaction certainly makes it seem as though they knew he had been told he was “off the hook” before and it struck a chord with him, even if it didn’t mean anything to us, yet.

That’s all for now. I’ll have another post about Season 2 when I finish it.

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