The light fades to darkness as the sea caresses sand
And the moon leapfrogs the earth as stars walk hand in hand
The sun is hiding deeply in the shallow wading water
And all is safely hid from sight but not from Time’s own father
The hours drift gently on and moonlight turns to day
But ‘ere that hour of daybreak comes I’ll safely slip away
Into the great divide I run, the realm ‘twixt wake and dreaming
And there release my fears and hates and search throughout my screaming
For that one safe memory that will see me through the day
The dream of night so peaceful and the time that slips away
Now to your beds you must be gone for darkness here is fleeing
And when the moon is risen, I again you will be seeing
Sleep by day and wake by night and know you are my friend
For if you weren’t I’d never tell you of the evening’s end

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