A single tear slides
Swiftly down your face
You reach out to hold me
But I avoid your tense embrace
“I’ll not touch you,”
I cry, though strangely make no sound
There is little noise here
Where once it did abound
I see water drip,
A book fall
I shrug your arm off
But do not hear your call
All sound has gone
The light fails, too
Your grief envelops me
I can’t escape its tomb
Forgive me for my faults
I want to live!
Too late, my cry unheard
And life is not yours to give
I beg you to recall
The way you loved me then
You giggle madly
Sound returns again
“Loved you,” comes the cackle
Wisping through clenched teeth
“Not I, but you
“You loved me,” you seeth
And now my eyes are clear
Water drips, book falls
It is my arm on yours
It is I who calls
For a brief moment I understand your hate
But you leave anyway

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