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Gowalla – Virtual geocaching for the iPhone

A lot of cool things came out of SXSWi this year. Swindlr, LLC announced the name of their awesome new web service,, for starters. Launch day is still a ways off for them, but a friend of mine tipped me off to a brand new (and readily available) iPhone app used for “letterboxing”, called […]

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Abilene Christian University's great iPhone experiment

I must admit, that when I first heard about ACU’s plan to issue an iPhone or iPod Touch to all incoming freshmen at the start of this school year, I was rather excited. When the announcement was first made, iPhone 2.0 had not yet been announced, the 3G was yet to be seen. Only the […]

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InkKC influx

I’ve been getting quite a few visitors from my interview over at InkKC the last couple days, so I just wanted to put a note up here for those of you that are visiting from there. First off, thanks for stopping by my little place on the Interwebs. Have a nice stay, but please don’t break […]

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The clones are coming!

I just received the most awesome junk e-mail ever. I highly recommend reading it. I have broken the text into paragraphs to make it easier to read, but have not edited any of the content. The part below the centered date is an attached link to a news story that came with the e-mail that […]

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Validation – A short film starring TJ Thyne

My gorgeous and talented friend Alex posted this video on her Facebook profile recently and I was lucky enough to stumble across it last week. It stars TJ Thyne, whom you may recognize from the TV show Bones (or if you’re really hardcore, from season 5 of Angel) as a parking attendant that just wants […]

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Speaking of Swindlr…

I haven’t mentioned these guys yet, because I’ve been kind of waiting for them to get into a private beta of their service before I gave them a shoutout. However, they’ve been doing an awful lot of updating over at their site since they went to SXSWi this past week, and I felt it was […]

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InkKC interview about iPhone apps

Several weeks ago, my friend Chase, of Swindlr & Zappn fame, gave my name to a reporter for InkKC that was doing an article on iPhone apps. Well, yesterday the article was published and can be picked up at any InkKC kiosk in the Kansas City area or viewed online here (article no longer online). […]

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GrandCentral now Google Voice: i.e. AWESOME

No, really. Google Voice is awesome. At least, if you like the concept of GrandCentral, which I did and is why I signed up for it. But even better is that Google finally made some changes to it and they rock. Let me start from the beginning. GrandCentral is a website that lets you choose […]

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I went to go see Watchmen on Friday and have been digesting it ever since. I know that I have things to say about it, but I don’t have the words to describe the awesome that poured out of the screen into my face. There was a moment in the middle of the movie that […]

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Turn your iPhone / iPod Touch into a wireless thumb drive

I stumbled across an application in the App Store yesterday called FileAid. I have been using Air Sharing for the past several months and it’s not bad. But, it’s a $5 app. It was free when I picked it up, but when I tell my friends about it, they’re not always interested in paying money […]

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