Okay, testing, testing…

I set up this blog as a way to concatenate the rest of my bloggings and bloglings into one place. The hope is that if I do this the right way here, I can keep it for a long time and be satisfied with my blogging experience. Plus, I can update from my iPhone for free.

I will be bringing over blog entries from my various other locations over time. I will try to preserve them as much as possible, but some may be heavily modified, regardless. I’m still trying to decide if Classic Gaming Sporadically will be integrated into this blog or morphed into a separate identity. I’ll start with bringing it here just to test it out (UPDATE: It has been integrated).

So, anyway, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy the show.

Oh, if you’re viewing from an iPhone, I would love feedback on the plug-in I’m using for the content. It’s not the most commonly used interface, but it has a lot of power so if there are things you’d like to see differently, I appreciate all feedback.