#WednesdayChallenge Accepted!

So, I meant to post this yesterday, but LIFE. Instead, you get them now. There’s this pretty cool thing going on over at App.net called the #WednesdayChallenge that encourages users to write a short piece of fiction that fits the weekly theme in 256 characters (technically, less, as the hashtag #WedC needs to be included in the post). I discovered it yesterday and thought it sounded like fun, so I made two entries.

zepfhyr I take shelter beneath the footbridge, out of the rain. But the rain is the least of my worries. I’d rather be wet and living.

I can feel its hot breath on the back of my neck, and the tears run down my face as I realize my shelter will be my tomb.

zepfhyr Drops of methane spattered her visor as she struggled to see her hands in the dark. Warning lights erupted in her helmet.

“O2 levels dangerously low.”

She hauled herself the last few feet up the bluff and saw the dome. Her eyes watered with hope.


This sort of reminded me of a subreddit I found a month or so ago called /r/shortscarystories. I took the opportunity then to post this piece there (which directly inspired the first of my two entries above). I hope to continue participating in the #WednesdayChallenge going forward, as it’s an excellent writing exercise and I really need to be writing more. This is the perfect way to force me to do some craft-honing.

If you want to read more about the #WednesdayChallenge, click the hashtag links above or check out the new site the creator threw together to showcase the works.

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