Snowy River


A poem by A.B. Pater­son tells the story of a horse­back pur­suit to recap­ture the colt of Old Regard.

The Project

Read A. B. Paterson’s Poem

One of the first things my grand­fa­ther Papa Lov­ing told me when I first told him I was going to major in art was, “I always enjoyed a good comic in the news­pa­per, you should make one”. After going through many years of school and now hav­ing chil­dren on my own, I believe my grand­fa­ther was quite right. So I have cho­sen to use A.B. Paterson’s beloved poem of The Man From Snowy River. As this was a poem that was read to my grand­fa­ther when he was but a small child, per­haps no older then my own now. So, in the weeks and months ahead I will be releas­ing more art from The Man From Snowy River. I plan to take the poem and illus­trate for it to be made into a one issue comic book that will ven­ture to keep to the spirit that was best expressed by Pater­son. As the project nears to an end I will be giv­ing more details, Be sure to stay tuned for more information.

Fea­tured Char­ac­ters and Con­cept Art from The Man From Snowy River

Bios by Erin Loving


Mr. HarrisonMr. Har­ri­son:
An owner of a out­fit who made his for­tune bet­ting on horses, when Par­don won the cup.  He owns the prize colt of Old Regret. He pushes the lim­its when rid­ing and is known for his skill.


He is a friend of Har­ri­son and a leg­end for his rid­ing abil­i­ties, who is part blood hound on the track.  Never been thrown while on a ride held true.  He is from the over­flow and lends a hand to the sta­tion when needed, wan­der­ing from job to job as a free man on the trail.