Artists, illus­tra­tors, col­leagues, his­tory and research, any­thing on Lord of the Rings, and more. More mean­ing the great­est web­page ever made.

Here is a list of inspi­ra­tional sites and comic, con­cep­tual, and ref­er­ences of artists that I have enjoyed as as inspi­ra­tion to The Sixth Age. I’ve tried to put together a list of sites that I have found inter­est­ing and help­ful like John Howe, Newsarama, Con­cept, and many oth­ers. Being that this is an on-going grow­ing list, please feel free to email me other links that you feel may be of impor­tance and I’ll be sure to post them here. Please remem­ber to keep the sites at PG13 (what ever that is).

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John Howe
If you have ever seen art from the Lord of the Rings or the movies than you have seen the art of the John Howe. Per­haps one of the artists at the fore­front at what is fan­tasy paint­ing and draw­ing. I’m drawn to his art because of his imag­i­na­tion, a love for lore of old, and a way to ven­ture back to my child hood. As a child I remem­ber play­ing fort or swords with my cousins, his art brings that back for me and it is my hope is to achieve that same aspect of adven­ture through the art of The Sixth Age and beyond.

A great resource for what con­tem­po­rary fan­tasy artists are work­ing one. Any thing from artists works, ref­er­ences, and a great way to have your own art­work critiqued.


Deak Fer­rand
Deak is the artist, behind a num­ber of matte paint­ings. Movies like Wanted, Shooter, Jesse James, Nar­nia, Van Hels­ing, Matrix Rev­o­lu­tion, and of course the Lord of the Rings. To put it into one thought he is the guy that makes you fill like you are apart of a believ­able and real story.


Reclaim­ing the Blade
Swords have been around for much of the exis­tence of the human race. As a kid it is easy to fall in love with epic adven­tures that involved swords. Reclaim­ing the Blade is a doc­u­men­tary of the his­tory of the sword and the future of it. Any good story is sur­rounded by the sword, movies like Indi­ana Jones and the King­dom of the Crys­tal Skull, Fool’s Gold, Nim’s Island, and even in the car­toon, Bee Movie. It’s remark­able the attrac­tion of swords in films and sto­ries. Swords are every­where in films from the Chron­i­cles of Nar­nia to the Pirates of the Caribbean. If you have yet to see this movie and you love a good sword fight than this is the movie for you.


Melanie Delon
An amaz­ing photo real­ist fan­tasy painter, who uses Pho­to­shop, and Corel Painter through the Pen Tablet. I am drawn to her by her abil­ity to be atten­tive to detail and an acute aware­ness of the sen­si­bil­i­ties that her art­work possesses.