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The Sixth Age  is a graphic novel cur­rently in devel­op­ment along with The Man From Snowy River based on A. B. “Banjo” Paterson’s children’s poem. 

It begins at the end of the first age of the world.  A great war was founght that brought to end the first age, and the free peo­ple of the world found peace after a long war, in the vic­tory of that war over the armies of dark­ness.  It was cus­tom in that day that they would only honor the brave dead that died in wars for their bravy and lives.  thus a gift was given to the men and elves as a reminder of the vic­tory that was paid for by the blood of those that sac­ri­ficed them­selves for the vic­tory, for their honor and brav­ery ten swords were forged and gifted to the races of the world.  The swords were give by the elves to seven of the most noble and hon­or­able of men of that day.  Three were given to three elves who were to pro­tect and guard the three swords at all cost and pass as all the swords were to be passed them down to their sons and daugh­ters.  For they were also warned against their heart to find power in the sword for thier own self­ish pride in the pro­sute of power, for the hearts of men are quick and easy to fall into dark­ness.  Many of the eld­ist eldar warned gravly of the prize of men and their greed to con­troll which lead to dis­truc­tion and loss of the swords through the ages of time.  The Sixth Age is about the redis­cov­ery of a des­tiny of old that will change the world in such a way that has not been seen since the dawn of the First Age.