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CodeWeavers gets hammered

Due to the incredibly high volume of requests that Codeweavers has received today (way to go, Digg), it is taking up to several days for new serial number requests to come in. As a result, those who want their free software today, CodeWeavers has started allowing you to download fully unlocked versions of their software. […]

Free CodeWeavers software on Oct 28th

The guys over at CodeWeavers said that if President George W. Bush would actually accomplish one of several goals in his last days as President that they would give away free software for one day. One of those goals was to get gas prices in the Twin Cities down to $2.79/gal. Sadly, this actually occurred […]

Free CrossOver Pro download is now live

That’s right, I said PRO. As in, the full version of CrossOver Mac, which includes CrossOver Games. It also includes 12 months of support at Level 2, and the ability to renew support every year for $35 (or free if they ever have a promotion like this again). This is a $70 value, for $0 […]