Art News


Just a few words I wanted to share with you. Been hard at work the past few weeks try­ing to get ready for a hard dead­line at that end of the Decem­ber 31st, 2011. I’ve been get­ting up early (around 5am) every morn­ing (minus one day of rest) mak­ing great progress. The break down of my process is to (1) pen­cil out the draw­ing (2) do a light ink­ing (3) water­color paint­ing (4) clean up with final Ink­ing (5) scan in work (6) Final Draft on com­puter (7) and last find a Pub­lisher. Right now I’m on page 10 and 11 fin­ish­ing the light ink­ing. Only 17 more pages. Can’t wait to show you all the work I’ve done!