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Star Wars Pinball for iOS is free until the 9th: May the Force be with you!

I snatched up Star Wars Pinball for iPhone and iPad a couple days ago, but didn’t realize until today that it was still free. Not only is it still free, it’s free for 5 more days. So, seriously, if you like Star Wars or pinball or are part of a Venn diagram in which those things […]

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On Star Wars, the prequels, and fatherhood

It’s been a long time since I’ve actually sat down to watch The Holy Trilogy. I don’t mean that it’s been a year or two. I mean that it’s been years. I’ve watched an episode here or there when I was trying to get my son interested, but he always had more interest in Star Wars […]

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Somewhere out there…

Somewhere out there, a parallel universe exists. This alternate reality is exactly like ours in nearly every way. There are thousands of parallel realities, but this one is the most important. It bears a 99.9999999% likeness rating to our own and has the following key features: Jonathan Brandis and River Phoenix are still alive and […]

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…And then Buffy staked Edward. The End.

So I’ve got some links to share with you, and one of them ties directly into a post I’ve put on here before about the movie Twilight. So let’s start with that one, shall we? ∞ ∞ ∞ The shirt design itself isn’t that impressive, but the phrase on it is hilarious. Especially if you […]

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Movie ringtones

Here are the movie ringtones I have made so far. Those that are on there more than once are different cuts from the same song or movie. If there is a movie you would like to have a ringtone from, let me know. If I can make one that I’m happy with, I’ll post it […]

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Star Wars: The Old Republic

*singing* “Star Wa-a-rs, nothing but Sta-a-a-r Wars, gimme those Sta-a-a-r Wars, don’t let them end.” So yesterday Bioware and LucasArts announced what may be the most anticipated Star Wars game of all time. Several years back, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic won numerous awards and garnered an enormous following. While the sequel (developed […]

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Steampunk Lightsaber

Hot on the heels of another steampunk entry, I’ve discovered a rather old forum post that contains instructions on how to build your very own steampunk lightsaber:   These are the types of projects that I wish I could get involved in, but I just don’t have the free time what with all the other activities […]

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