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Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter anthologies on sale (in HD!) on iTunes

UPDATE (10:40 am): Deal prices for several of the bundles have changed. The original article will remain below, but updated prices are listed here. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is now $18 (still a great deal) and the Harry Potter anthology is now $60. There are still a few $10 bundles remaining, so be sure […]

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Important info about my Wikipedia review

I received a comment from one of the developers of Wapedia (one of the Wikipedia apps I reviewed a couple of days ago). She pointed out a feature of Wapedia that I overlooked: it’s very, very fast. Due to the fact that the page is reformatted and re-rendered in a very minimalist style, it loads […]

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Battle of the Wikipedia iPhone apps

UPDATE: Clarified some misconceptions on my part about Wapedia below. When I first got my original iPhone, I was very excited about the prospect of being able to access the breadth of information that the Internet had to offer from almost anywhere. One of the first web apps that really excited me came from the […]

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Dr. Horrible Ringtones

Here is a set of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog ringtones that I created for the iPhone. This is the first set of many sets of ringtones I will be publishing soon. I have 8 sets, and I will publish them over the next day or so. Check back later today for another batch. Bad Horse […]

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