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AirPlay Mirroring to your Mac with AirServer and Reflector

One of the coolest features available to iPhones and iPads has been the ability to mirror your devices display to your television using an Apple TV. AirPlay has been around even longer, which let you direct a video or audio stream to your Apple TV or (in the case of audio) to an AirPort Express […]

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Today in Letterpress

Technically, I think that’s a proper noun (to my knowledge, the clearing of four lines at once, is still written as a Tetris, not a tetris), but it’s a good one, so I’m not complaining.

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iOS 6: Photo Streams and Maps

I’ve had the luxury of using iOS 6 for sometime now, due to my developer status. Even still, until the final version was released, there were a number of features with which I never spent much (if any) time. In the case of Shared Photo Streams, that was mostly due to a lack of other […]

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Happy Chaos Rings II Day! — Also, The Ides of March

It’s the Ides of March, and you know what that means! It’s time to open our Ides of March presents! Hey, wait… why did you get me a sharp, stabby thing? Ow! That really hurts! Wait, I get it. You’re trying to draw a parallel to the most important Ides of March gift of all: […]

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On the elimination of complexity in both entertainment and creation

The new GarageBand for iOS has been out for two days and my 9-year old son has already recorded his own song and created a Jam Session with my two-and-a-half-year old. People that choose Android over the iPhone/iPad clearly hate their children.

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The new iPad, iPhoto, GarageBand, and You!

Yesterday, Apple monopolized the tech news circuit (and, lets face it, much of the news as a whole) with their special event to announce the new iPad. Sure, they announced some other stuff, too: an updated Apple TV with 1080p support, purchased movies from iTunes now stored in iCloud and available for re-download, and updates […]

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Mole Kart: an iOS review

I recently downloaded Mole Kart on the App Store (I am not linking to the app, as I’m not endorsing this product and don’t want anyone to buy it on accident. It is a testament to how desperate people are for Mario Kart on the iPhone that anyone has bothered giving this game a 5-star […]

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Awesome Free Games (and one app) for iOS (today only)

So, I like to share when I find out awesome apps are free to download, but I usually do so via Twitter. The main reason for that is because it’s faster to just post a link with a brief description and name. However, today there are some truly awesome apps available to download to celebrate […]

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