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He awoke in a small, dank cell. Aren’t they all? He smirked at the thought of being locked up in the lush penthouse, something he knew all too well as a child, when he had been a prisoner in his own home. That had been ages ago. Just before he’d met Iris. Iris! The last […]

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They came on very quickly. Even with his superior reflexes, he nearly didn’t react soon enough. The first one fell on him from above. Rising as quickly as he could, Zephyr rolled out of the way, directly into the second one. It was waiting. And that was the only way to describe them. “It.” They […]

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And suddenly, the light comes on. Paralyzing. Zephyr finds himself staring into a small sun at the core of the room. His eyes, so well adjusted to the darkness never flinch. They are moths drawn to the flaming near-vacuum-encased filament. Burning away everything that makes them unique. His eyes focus—relaxing, recovering, remembering what they are, […]

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