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Fun with Word Lens

A buddy of mine pointed out today that Word Lens integration had finally come to Google Translate, making it as easy as pointing your iPhone (or Android, if you swing that way) at a sign or other textual object and see it immediately translated to another language. While I had played with Word Lens in […]

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Bonjour, Yosemite, and you!

For several months now, I’ve been watching my Apple TV have an identity crisis whenever I see its name advertised across the network via Bonjour. I named my Apple TV Durendal (because all of my devices are named after weapons and because Marathon is awesome). It used to only happen every now and then. I’d go […]

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Mavericks Browser Showdown: Safari 7 vs. Firefox 24 vs. Chrome 30

A new version of OS X has been released into the wild and, with it, a new version of Safari. I’ve had the luxury of playing with Mavericks during the beta and so I had been using Safari 7 off and on for a while. While I had already grown accustomed to a few of […]

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Apple’s pending point-of-sale revolution

This morning, while I was getting gas, I noticed that the price had dropped since the day before. Sweet! I thought. Free dollar! Okay, I didn’t exactly think that, but it sounded cooler than, Huh. Nice. Anyway, as I was sitting there waiting for the inexorably slow pump to fill my car, I started thinking about services like […]

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Chromecast: Polish it all you want, it’s still a piece of…

…okay, that might be a little unfair. I haven’t even played with one yet. Google announced several new products yesterday, one of which I got really excited about for almost a whole day. Chromecast is a little device that you plug directly into your TV’s HDMI port so that you can stream video to it. […]

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AirPlay Mirroring to your Mac with AirServer and Reflector

One of the coolest features available to iPhones and iPads has been the ability to mirror your devices display to your television using an Apple TV. AirPlay has been around even longer, which let you direct a video or audio stream to your Apple TV or (in the case of audio) to an AirPort Express […]

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Jared Cash presents: Fun with Flags… I mean, Photography

  I was playing around with CameraBag 2 HD for iPad the other day and used a couple photos from my family’s recent #BookmarkItForward excursion. If you like applying filters to your photos but want more control over them, you should check it out. Also, for more information on #BookmarkItForward, be sure to check out my blog […]

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So some of you may have noticed that I’ve been talking or posting things here and there about (or ADN). I promised I would elucidate, but haven’t made time for it. Well, this is me elucidating. is a social network service similar to Twitter or Facebook with an emphasis on privacy and developer […]

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The iBand and the future of wearable computing

I recently signed up for (a paid Twitter alternative) and have quite enjoyed the conversations in which I’ve found myself involved. Two of the more interesting discussions have been about the future of the Apple TV (more on that later) and Apple’s rumored wearable iOS device that Michael Norton (@zenimpulse – ADN) recently dubbed the […]

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The trouble with BlackBerry

Today, the company-formerly-known-as Research in Motion, creators of the once-dominant smartphone BlackBerry, announced a name change to match their flagship product. In other news, nobody cares. Okay, that’s a little harsh, but it’s more true every day. BlackBerry is no longer relevant, except as a case study of what not to do when a competitor […]

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