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Get seven of Stanley Kubrick’s best films for only $40 on iTunes

For the last couple days, iTunes has been selling a seven-film collection of Stanley Kubrick movies for only $40. In HD. That’s less than $5.72 per film. Hell, A Clockwork Orange and 2001: A Space Odyssey are worth $40 alone. Why are you still reading this? Go buy these!

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Fellatio prevents cancer. Pass it on.

I was watching D.L. Hughley’s stand-up on Netflix tonight and he brought an important study to light for which men everywhere will thank him. The study finds that fellatio may significantly decrease the chances of breast cancer in women. Dr. Mary Smith, one of the researchers on the fellatio study: “Only with regular occurrence will […]

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Mmm… vanilla ice cream with satire on top

So I’ve been trolling the forums over at (and I mean actually trolling, not “trolling“) to get a feel for how the Halo: Reach beta is being received so far. There are a few positive things here and there, but the majority of the posts are full of vitriolic hate about how Halo: Reach […]

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(Non-American) Football Hero

I was reading my daily dose of The Tanooki on Tuesday when I came across a video that really impressed me. I’m sure most of you have played (or at least heard of) Guitar Hero or Rock Band. I’m positive, however, that none of you ever predicted this. Now, I can’t kick a soccer ball […]

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Blast from the LucasArts past

I was looking for a specific YouTube video for a friend of mine today and wound up recommending several to him. All of the videos are from the computer game Star Wars: Rebel Assault II, a rather entertaining computer game from the ’90s: one of the early-generation CD-ROM games. In the game there was a […]

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I had the opportunity today to discover two great albums. The first is called Songs for Samus by Seed A.I. (click the link at the top of the page to download). It’s an excellent chiptunes album that includes a song you may recognize titled “While My Gameboy Gently Weeps”. You can also listen to the full-length […]

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Dawn of The Sixth Age

My dear friend and former roommate Elijah Loving just launched the revamped edition of his website, The Sixth Age. The Sixth Age is a graphic novel that he has been working on for the last couple years. The site was scheduled to officially launch on May 31st, but we were lucky enough to be granted […]

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Born, raised, and trapped! Who are we? We're military brats!

I used to absolutely love this movie as a child. I’m not even joking. I would watch this once or twice a week for a month and then take a break and do it again a few months later. I wanted, more than anything, to be Leonard (Sean Astin). When I first saw Rudy years […]

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InkKC influx

I’ve been getting quite a few visitors from my interview over at InkKC the last couple days, so I just wanted to put a note up here for those of you that are visiting from there. First off, thanks for stopping by my little place on the Interwebs. Have a nice stay, but please don’t break […]

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Validation – A short film starring TJ Thyne

My gorgeous and talented friend Alex posted this video on her Facebook profile recently and I was lucky enough to stumble across it last week. It stars TJ Thyne, whom you may recognize from the TV show Bones (or if you’re really hardcore, from season 5 of Angel) as a parking attendant that just wants […]

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