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#WednesdayChallenge – October 16, 2013

I took the time to write up a few more #WednesdayChallenge entries this week. The theme was “Childhood”, which I sort of experimented with quite a lot for my first post. The second was more traditional, however. zepfhyr Fathers, daughters, mothers, and sons wailed as the planet’s core cooled, the atmosphere stripped away, and the […]

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Last night I decided to watch BATTLESHIP, which is a mostly terrible movie that is full of big, stupid fun. I knew almost immediately that I was going to love hating this movie so I decided to do an impromptu live blog on of my thoughts as I watched it. I’ve reposted the results […]

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I recommend a pocket of subspace, but @zenimpulse makes a good argument

hcmarks Okay nerds: best way to store unground coffee beans. Cabinet? Fridge? Hyperbaric chamber? Suspended animation? 2. March 2013 via Felix zenimpulse @hcmarks Carbonite. 2. March 2013 via Kiwi

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Appception dot net!

die I just bought @zepfhyr (0,9€) because it’s a good ADN client *and* is optimised for iPad. I still prefer @riposte on the iPhone, tho. 27. February 2013 via Zephyr zepfhyr @die As honored as I am, I’m pretty sure that you mean @zephyr and not @zepfhyr. :-D @riposte 27. February 2013 via Kiwi die […]

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The unexpected dangers of Minecraft

erima When I say “blew up” I don’t mean a creeper hit it, I mean our Combustion Engine overheated and leveled the whole place (and all of our resources). #minecraft 13. February 2013 via Netbot for iOS

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