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Two Assholes Watch Kuh-nuh-wunning

I hope you’re excited, because we’ve got a special treat for you this episode. jPar and I were so absolutely unimpressed by this movie, it was so completely unforgettable, that we could barely bring ourselves to talk about it at all. I’m not even joking. Maybe 15 minutes of this podcast is actually devoted to […]

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Sharks in Venice addendum

It sounds like some of you were actually fans of the enhanced version of the podcast tonight. I will see if I can’t figure out a way to get the future versions to properly feed into iTunes to make it easier to get them. I believe the issues are ironed out and should work great from […]

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Two Assholes Watch Sharks in Venice

Here it is! The long-awaited return of Two Assholes Watch a Movie! Today we’re going to take you on a journey to the fantastic world of Sharks in Venice. I am not even joking. This movie stars none other than Stephen Baldwin, and uses every last ounce of public domain shark footage they could find. This […]

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Podcast comedy theft

So, the guys over at loved the first episode of our Two Assholes Watch a Movie podcast so much, that they stole all of our jokes and presented them as their own. Not that I can really blame them, you’d be hard pressed to find an intelligent human being that wasn’t already under the […]

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Two Assholes Watch Twilight

Welcome to the inaugural episode of “Two Assholes Watch a Movie”! The other day, jPar and I watched Quantum of Solace, which sparked a great conversation, post-movie. As a result, we decided that we should record these conversations and share them with you. The catch is that for this first episode, we decided to go […]

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