#WednesdayChallenge – October 16, 2013

I took the time to write up a few more #WednesdayChallenge entries this week. The theme was “Childhood”, which I sort of experimented with quite a lot for my first post. The second was more traditional, however.

zepfhyr Fathers, daughters, mothers, and sons wailed as the planet’s core cooled, the atmosphere stripped away, and the planet broke apart. At the center, a massive beast unfurled and sailed away into space. Hatched, the planet-slug’s childhood had begun.

zepfhyr “Fuck!”


“Sorry, mom. I just realized that I forgot to do my homework, and there won’t be time before class starts.”

Johnny’s mom pulled into the empty driveway and realized she forgot to set her clock forward. She was late.



UPDATE (2013/10/21): I wrote another one today, so I decided to toss it up here, too.

zepfhyr “I’m scared.”

‘Let me tell you a secret that my grandfather once told me. The things that move in the night fear our family.’

The Watcher remembered these words as he smiled and cast the incantation that banished the demon back through the portal.


If you missed last week’s #WednesdayChallenge post that explains what it is, you can check it out here.

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